Take Care Of Your Business's AED So It Can Take Care Of You

Roughly 300,000 people die each year from sudden cardiac arrest; 10,000 of these deaths occur while the person was at work. Some of these deaths could have been prevented if an automated external defibrillator (AED) had been available. Whether you own a restaurant, have a construction company, or run a real estate office, you should consider having one of these devices in the workplace or a mobile one that goes out with your work crews. However, owning one isn't enough if the machine fails to work due to a lack of maintenance. Here is some information on how to maintain your AED so it can save lives.

Wipe it Down

The AED device in your workplace is not going to get a lot of use (or at least you hope not). It is going to sit in one place, plugged into a wall outlet, collecting dust, dirt, and grime. Take the time to wipe it down at least once a month to remove accumulated dirt. If you run a restaurant, you may need to clean it more frequently due to oil and grease in the air settling on it and making everything else stick to it. Different brands may have different directions for cleaning the unit without causing damage. Be sure to check your owner's manual for the proper cleaning procedure.

Inspect Electrodes

The electrodes are the pieces you stick to the chest of the person having a heart attack. These should be kept in their original packaging until needed. Inspect the package for an expiration date, any tears in the package, and to make sure they look undamaged or contaminated. If it looks like the electrodes have anything growing or adhered to them, throw them away and place a new package with the machine. You should always keep extra electrodes on hand and do not forget to have a set for children too (you can never be too prepared.)

Test the Batteries

Each unit will have a way to test the batteries. Even though the device is plugged in and charging, the batteries may not be holding the charge once removed for use. Remove the AED from the charging unit and test the primary battery. Once you are sure this is working, replace it with a backup battery and test that as well. 

Making sure the AED device for your business is in good, working condition is important. Any time you find there is a problem, take the unit in for a professional inspection and repair. You do not want to have the peace of mind that there is an AED available if necessary only to go to use it and have it fail because no one took care of it.

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